Our Philosophy

At Olson Legacy Law, a Seattle divorce and family law firm, our attorneys share a unique philosophy: Making peace, not war, is the best route to victory. We truly enjoy working with people, by helping them reach a fair and amicable settlement while avoiding escalating hostilities. Rest assured, however, that our top priority is to advocate for you, your children, and your financial future.

All too often, a person who is about to become embroiled in a separation, divorce, or other family law issue is simply processed by their attorney and the legal system into conventional procedures and solutions. But at Olson Legacy Law, we provide individual solutions for each and every client. Under the guidance of our experienced family law attorneys, the entire legal process can be a growing experience.

Our divorce practice begins with an analysis of which choice is right for you: a separation or a divorce. We then shift gears to determine the best method to resolve the problem and move in that direction. We encourage individual counseling during this process because divorce matters typically involve many personal and emotional issues that may interfere with a common sense resolution of the case, increase conflict and tension, and unnecessarily inflate legal fees. We take pride in the fact that we help you understand the law's impact on the facts of the case so that you can make intelligent decisions in the resolution of the dispute.

We have developed a number of professional relationships with experts such as real estate appraisers, business evaluators and mortgage brokers, and counselors and therapists, who can assist us in preparing your case and, in the process, help you make the best decisions possible. If you're ready to plan a new future, contact Olson Legacy Law today.